Shivomkara Chits Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as one of the most trusted and reliable name in the field of Chit Fund business. We have been catering to the different business needs for the last 40 years now, through the Mahalaxmi Group. We help subscribers capitalize on all available opportunities through Chit Fund.

Registered Chit fund companies are primarily regulated by the Central Chit Fund Act and also has to comply with prescribed rules and regulation formulated by the respective state governments.

As per the existing law, the foreman (Chit Fund Company) has to deposit 100% of the chit value with the Registrar of Chits prior to the commencement of the chit group. All accounts have to be audited by a qualified Chartered Accountant. Every group run by Shivomkara Chits is registered and all regulations are followed.

Shivomkara chits is backed by its seasoned team of professionals who have decades of experience and can understand any query related to chits and can help you reap maximum benefits from investing in a chit. With experience in Chit business, it is the safest, most reliable and trustworthy company to make your chit related investments.

Chit Funds is a high risk low margin business. There have been many fly by night operators who have tarnished the image of this business sector. So when choosing to save and invest in chits, it is important to take an informed decision and invest only with companies who have a reliable track record. Since inception, honesty and transparency have been inbuilt into the DNA of our company. We enjoy a lot of goodwill in the markets we operate in and we guard our reputation closely. Over the past few decades, we have fulfilled our obligation towards customers by providing them honest, trustworthy and reliable service. It gives us great pleasure to have fulfilled the aspirations of our employees, who have grown with the company.

 Our Focus:

We have only one Business – Creating Wealth for our Suscribers

Our Philosophy:

To offer customized and practical solutions of high quality investment products and services to our subscribers in the process of wealth creation, by instilling trust and confidence through application of highest ethical and business standards.

We work in close association with each individual client to provide outstanding financial insights, while maintaining complete transparency throughout the process. Our Strong research capabilities and in-depth knowledge help customers gain an edge over others in this highly aggressive and competitive market. Our approach embodies the best business practices and meets all the relevant regulatory practices.

Put Subscribers First:

We have always put our Subscribers first. We believe that we can grow only if our subscribers grow and hence we have not sold any product or services which had unsure characteristics or any unethical value, to our subscribers.

Build Relationships:

We work to establish enduring relationships with our esteemed subscribers. Through our well researched advises, we have been able to retain and consolidate our relations as we believe that investments are long drawn philosophies.

Achieve Quality Results:

  • We value professional excellence & expertise and work together to produce best results for our subscribers.

  • All our results are based on in-house concrete research and analysis of the products.